Exposure to excessive noise can permanently damage your hearing. The damage occurs in the inner part of your hearing system, and once this happens it cannot be corrected with surgery or hearing aids. Even short-term exposure can cause temporary damage, which can lead to permanent tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and/or hearing loss with repeated exposure.

We offer custom earmold and protective devices from a wide variety of manufacturers and for every type of environment. Construction, music, aviation, and aquatics are just some of the industries and activities we can provide protection for. Please see below for examples and visit us for more details and options.

Specialty Earmolds

We provide specialty earmolds for RCMP, Pilots, and other occupations or work environments where ambient noise levels are above the upper exposure levels.


construction Protecting your ears can help shield you from potential hearing loss, and a hearing protection device should be used if the regular, ambient noise levels exceed 85 decibels. Not only are you protecting your hearing for the future, but studies have shown that workers in high-noise areas (such as construction, manufacturing  and military) using properly-fitted hearing protectors are less fatigued, less irritable, and sleep better at night.
Studio Custom-made earpieces for Bluetooth devices.

Custom-made molds for headphones to be used with music devices.

Plugs for Audio Monitors are available in more than one type.

Child_water Custom water earplugs are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.BL_Ear Color_Swatch

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