Here are some real stories from real clients of Kowalski Hearing Solutions:

About 7 years ago I met Agnes Kowalski at a Hearing Aid company, I was very impressed with her knowledge and compassion in my dealings with her. When it came time to renew my hearing aids, I went back to the big guys only to find out she was no longer there, and no offer to tell me where she was.

I then went on a fact finding mission, I attended several fact finding seminars and a couple of open house shows by the big guys. In some cases I felt like I was talking to “used car salesmen”. Whose main focus was to up sell me to the next generation of hearing aids. Without any concern as to what I really needed.

Then one day at the Gloucester senior centre I found out Agnes was offering free cleaning and information on hearing aids, they had her business card. The next day I called and spoke to Christine, I had hit a real genuine person, was so pleased I made an appointment, because one of my 7 year old hearing aids was not working. I met with Agnes a couple of days later, imagine my surprise instead of going into SELL mode, she said “let me see if I can fix it”, she gave it a thorough cleaning and I was on my way. No Charge.

A couple of months later, I called Agnes and we both realized it was time to replace my hearing aid. She gave me a hearing test and sat down with me to explain in detail what were my options, no pressure, only a genuine concern as to what was best for me. We decided that as I liked the in-ear option and it had worked for me, that was the way to go.

She offered to lend me a loaner, while my new ones were being made, no one else had ever mentioned this service to me. We discussed at length, the cost of the new hearing aids, which turned out to be almost the same as I had paid previously to the big guys, needless to say I was very happy about that. As l am now on pension I needed a little time to complete the purchase, which Agnes accommodated. She also filled out all the paperwork for the government and my insurance plan.

The after sales service has been terrific, you only have to call Christine, and she will do her best to cheerfully meet your needs. My advice is do your own research by all means but do not make any decisions until you have spoken to Agnes, you will not regret it.

– Eileen G.


Agnes and Christine have both provided excellent service. Agnes found the solution to help me cope with a recent government office refit (workplace 2.0) where noise was going to be an issue for me to carry-out my work. Agnes fitted me with custom earplugs which I use each and every day to be able to better concentrate on my work.

On the other hand, Agnes and Christine were able to successfully convince a family member who was in denial that they should give hearing aids a try. The difference to this family member’s life is amazing. It was a challenge to convince this person, but they did it by providing professional information and a personal touch that was outstanding.

Agnes also provided a service that respected income restrictions. No hard sells, no fancy song and dance. She simply found the best possible solution based on available resources.

You can feel the passion Agnes has for providing safe quality hearing advice and solutions.

Although I live in Carleton Place, the family member I speak about lives in the Blackburn area.

I tip my hat to Agnes and her always smiling, cheerful and extremely helpful employee Christine. Together they make a great team and are a welcome addition to our community.

– Margot L.


My hearing is extremely poor and in the course of the last 15 years I have seen several audiologists for hearing aids. With her complete dedication to customer satisfaction, her wide range of knowledge and experience, her patience and persistence, and her willingness to try what might be seen as non-standard solutions to a particularly difficult hearing problem, I have found Agnes to be the most satisfactory hearing specialist that I have experienced. I would highly recommend her to anyone who thinks they have a hearing issue or needs a new set of hearing aids.

– Ian M.


Hello. My name is Dina and I have been hearing impaired since birth and been wearing hearing aids since 2006… I met Agnes at Robillard Hearing Center about 7 years ago for an assessment of my hearing aids and hearing loss. What I remember most about that day is that Agnes has such a warm, fun and professional personality and greeted all her clients with a big smile and as if she has known them for a while.

Agnes has also gone well out of her way to make sure that her reception team knew that I was to be fit in as I was a young working individual and needed my hearing aids to work with. Most importantly to me, Agnes always took the time to find out how I was doing in my life, how my family was doing and if there are any new adventures that I have invested in. Even today, we share many laughs, many tears, and many hearing aid frustrations. I would not change anything for the world!

It was a very sad day when I lost Agnes as my Hearing Aid Specialist at Robillard… you can imagine my excitement when I accidently bumped into Agnes and her new and independent office on the way to a friend’s funeral. I immediately switched over… and am absolutely thrilled to have her and Christine in my life again!!

I also want to make a comment on her hearing test booth at Kowalski Hearing Solutions. This booth is so much bigger and not claustrophobic at all. I can attest to that as I have had the privilege of using it for about 45 mins… and considering I have a Anxiety Disorder and am claustrophobic… I did not feel that way at all. It helps that it is roomy and the door is glass and you can actually see the outside… you do not feel closed in.

Kowalski Hearing Solutions has been open a year now and I wish it 100 years more. If anyone has a hearing loss and suspects that they may need hearing aids, I encourage you to walk into Kowalski Hearing Solutions and meet Agnes and Christine. Your life can only get better from there on.

Thanks for the fantastic care ladies!

– Dina R.


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