We use state of the art, modern and professional equipment for all our testing, diagnostics and calibration, and are one of the few in the Ottawa area featuring a custom sound booth with a clear window in the door to help people who are uncomfortable in enclosed spaces.

As a fully-independent hearing center, we have all the necessary equipment and software to provide sales & support for the full range of hearing aids from all the major brands.

Our Hearing Services include:

  • – Comprehensive Hearing Assessment and Evaluations
  • – Personalized Hearing Aid Solutions
  • – Video Otoscope Examination
  • – New Technology Testing Equipment
  • – Hearing Aid Repairs, Checks and Programming of all Makes and Models
  • – Assistive Listening Devices
  • – 60-day Trial Period
  • – Batteries
  • – 3-year Warranty
  • – Musician Custom Earplugs and Monitors
  • – Protective Custom Earplugs for Children and Adults

A hearing aid is a device that needs to be properly adjusted and set up not only to the individual’s requirements but also for the comfort of the patient. When you purchase a hearing aid from Kowalski Hearing Solutions you are not only receiving a device, but also the full service, support and experience of our professional staff. Hearing aids are sophisticated amplifiers that need regular maintenance and occasional reprogramming.

The lifespan of a well-maintained hearing aid is approximately 4-5 years, and during that time the hearing aid should be checked and cleaned every 6 months and adjusted if needed.  The user should have the proper understanding and information to properly care for the hearing aid and understand the realistic expectations when it comes to their hearing loss and the potential challenges in acclimating to wearing a hearing aid.

After the 3-year year warranty, our clinic will continue to look after the device and provide basic service free of charge, for as long as the individual chooses to keep the aid, assuming that the device continues to function and benefits the individual’s hearing loss. We regularly monitor our client’s hearing, as acuity levels do change over the time, and the hearing aid device will need to be reprogrammed as needed.

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